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"A. B. Clinic 2 - The Sequel"

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"A.B. Clinic 2 - The Sequel"

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59 minutes playing time
Featuring Belle and Pamela

Previously in AB Clinic:

Pamela is an adult who's digestive system has not evolved and is still like a baby's. She was constantly wetting her bed.
Finally she visited a clinic where they diagnosed the problem. They insist she be kept in their special nursery and be treated like an adult baby until she was cured

We pick up the story six months later

Pamela was told if she kept dry for a week she could finally go home and resume her life as an adult. She has lasted six nights without wetting her diaper and now wakes on the seventh morning. She anxiously feels her diaper.
It is dry!! She calls for nurse Belle

Belle enters looking very annoyed and sceptical. She wants Pamela to stay regressed permanently. She checks the diaper minutely and has to admit to Pamela it is dry. But then she has a plan..

She insists Pamela have one final very full bottle of formula before she is discharged. Then she leaves Pamela locked in the nursery "while I finalise paperwork" and Pamela can dress in her adult clothes

Pamela waits for Belle to return. She waits and waits and waits>
After four hours she really needs to go to the bathroom. After all, she drank a full bottle.
Nurse Belle is watching Pamela's discomfort on a security camera and finally gloats when Pamela cannot hold on any longer and pees herself.
She walks back into the nursery and tells Pamela she is obviously not cured and has to stay a lot longer. Pamela is extremely distraught and yells how unfair this is.

Belle insist Pamela needs to go back to the examination room but she must be diapered first in case she wets herself again walking through the building in her revealing hospital gown. Pamela is horrified! Not again!

Back on the examination table nurse Belle checks Pamela's temperature and pulmonary pressure and feels around her stomach area. Then she puts on gloves, rubs on some lubricant and inserts her fingers deep inside Pamela's vagina to feel for anything abnormal.

Belle pronounces Pamela has a long way to go in her development and must remain an adult baby for a lot longer. She draws up a strict daily schedule starting with 7.30am wake, breast feed and diaper change.
Back in the nursery Pamela protests so nurse Belle manacles her to the side of the cot to breast feed her.

Poor Pamela is now held in the nursery for an indefinite period and subjected to a strict adult baby routine of breast feeds, spoon feeds, diaper changes and just playing with toys. Will she ever be able to go back to her normal life??

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